Saturday, June 26, 2010


I hope my brother is prepared for me to hijack his first week home so I can cook for him. Firstly, I plan to show off my new baking skills at the bbq I'm throwing for him- big soft pretzels as pre-dinner snacks sound just right.

(Make anything miniature and it's automatically 10X cuter.)

Pretzel toppings can be controversial. A great pretzel should be able to stand alone and taste delicious with nothing but some salt and a good beer. That said, seeds and nuts and sugar and spices as pretzel toppings can be fun and whimsical.

My final decision: kosher salt and black seeds for the big appetizer pretzels, sugar and cinnamon for the miniature dessert pretzels.

Black seeds look similar to sesame seeds, but they are slightly more peppery and generally better. Black seeds come from the plant Nigella sativa, and are known under many different names. Mine are from the spice market in Damascus, but they can be bought online at my spice sage.

The recipe I used was given to me with the stipulation that I not share it, but check out this recipe from epicurious for a similar formula.

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